Thursday, June 23, 2016

Snyder Heating & Remodeling
Brackenridge PA 15014
Family Owned & Operated

Home improvements is today’s affordable answer to changing family needs and the craftsmen at Snyder Heating & Remodeling are Energy Conservation Specialist; Residential energy audits, attic, wall insulation, weatherization, energy efficient windows and doors.  Our Remodeling includes installing roofing, soffit & fascia, gutters & spouting as well as windows and doors.

We are HVAC install & service specialists.  We service and install gas and oil furnaces, hot water boilers, central air conditioning, heat pumps and ductless mini split air conditioners/heat pumps. We have our own sheet metal shop to better serve you. We offer complete related items such as in house gas lines, duct work and plumbing.  We also replace toilets and drain piping, have a small backhoe for excavation, sewer lines, landscaping and general related work along with a dump truck to remove debris and bring materials.

We are recognized in this area for good workmanship and reasonable rates.

We are in business to help you, don’t hesitate to ask how we can be of service for your improvement.  Snyder Heating & Remodeling has the experience and equipment to handle the job properly, safe and right!  We work on and supervise our work and take pride in our work so that you can be assured of a proper, professional job. 

Snyder Heating & Remodeling is a General Contractor, we eliminate your need of calling in and dealing with several other contractors due to our expertise in a spectrum of services and can handle any size of work and will complete your job in the shortest time possible. Our diversities is our strength as we see and know what others fail to see, don’t know or recognize.

If you want your jobs done right, we are your call.
"Since 1982"

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Thank You,

Jason Snyder, Matt Snyder and Rachel Hank

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