Thursday, August 20, 2015

Improving Your Comfort and Lowing Energy Costs

Having us properly seal, insulate and vent your attic area to recommended insulation value will improve room temperatures and save on your utility bills, year after year!

Rooms beneath the ceilings of attic area reflect the most temperature changes when the attic isn’t sealed, well insulated and vented properly.
In the summer, these rooms are often warmer during winter months, the problem reverses and you have to turn up your thermostat higher to take the chill out of rooms. We hear this a lot from our clients, and we are energy conservation specialist who not only insulate/weatherize, we take complete care of your HVAC equipment, roofing and related exterior remodeling as well as replace older inefficient windows, doors and build additions with today’s energy efficient and curb appeal.  As you can imagine, we see what others don’t know.  We like to discuss your input as this helps us determine your needs or order of priority.  

   As we discuss an overview of your home with you to determine what your home needs and the priority or order from the most needed higher return on your investment to the least upgrade improvement if you desire.  We feel if we didn’t view your home and inspect properly then we are not doing our best service for you and will look over your home completely if desired.  A recent home inspection for a call was our gas and electric bills were much higher than they expected and wasn’t sure what they needed us to do to lower our bills and be comfortable. We looked at the client’s windows, doors and construction in general were good. With discussion they told us they know the exterior walls were not fully insulated, they stated the previous owner had siding put on with insulation backing 18 years ago. We are familiar with their heating and cooling system and output was more than needed for their home, they have yearly maintenance with us and replaced a blower motor two years ago and other than that, no operating issues, other than the recent information of uncomfortable temperature difference and higher than they expected utility costs. The next area we inspected was the attic area and discovered several priority issues; first the existing insulation was only R-11 insulation value, which is way below our regional recommendations.  We discovered that attic bypasses and other areas that needed sealed in attic allowing your treated house air to escape.  We also discovered the lack of attic ventilation.  The attic area had no ventilation which is needed for air circulation and to let heat out in summer.

  Your heating and cooling systems are supposed to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your living space with reasonable utility costs. But when indoor temperatures vary from room to room, this often indicates problems with air leakage, inadequate insulation, proper ducting and other related items, rather than just with the existing heating and cooling equipment.

  The attic area was the first priority, we sealed the attic bypasses and penetrations, we then added roof venting to vent the attic area properly, and our employees installed blown cellulose insulation to the proper R-49 value for our area.  
The second priority was the lack of return air duct on second floor rooms, due to the costs and renovation that would be needed the client opted to wait for this improvement. 
The third priority was to properly insulate the exterior walls, our client wanted to wait a few years.  The last priority in this case was to install higher energy efficient HVAC equipment which the client wanted to have us install next spring.

With us properly taking care of the attic, this improved their comfort and reduced their utility cost considerably!   

  Air-sealing and insulating your attic is less expensive than replacing your HVAC system. It’s also done properly with us, a once-and-done upgrade that improves comfort and energy savings for the life of your house.

In fact, research has shown that when your attic is air-sealed and properly insulated, heating and cooling costs can be reduced by as much as 40%+, your comfort increased and value of home increased.  It’s good to know you’re getting your maximum return on your investment with us!

  Homes that were built in the last 25 years were more so built with some energy efficient in mind, prior common construction practice (as well as outdated building codes) allowed houses to be built with attics, overhangs and garage ceiling that were poorly insulated and extremely leaky. It’s no wonder that so many houses are paying more to utility companies to live in a non-energy inefficient home!

Consider an affordable upgrade that continues to save utility costs, improve comfort year after year.

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