Monday, July 20, 2015

Why Should Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Be Considered:?

Some things to consider:
·        How many rooms need cooled?

·        Whole House central heating and cooling readily available?

·        Is duct work going to be fairly easy to install?

·        Are other options such as; window air conditioners a better choice?

Which type of air conditioners would be better for your home?

Central heating and cooling would be the better of choices as this enables; heating, cooling, air cleaning, humidification and germicidal lamps in one package.

If you have added on to your home, have areas that need cooling that duct work is expensive or just not practical. Ductless mini splits are a good option.

Your home has hot water or electric heat and want to cool one to four rooms. Ductless mini split are a good option.

For many area homeowners in our area, some reasons for installing a ductless unit is to provide cooling to a new addition, sun room, seasonal rooms or areas not practical to extend existing or install duct-work with its own air conditioning and heating becomes a plus!
Mini splits are not right for every space, but they have definite advantages for particular applications.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mini Split Systems
The Advantages:

 Ductless units install fairly simple. With the outdoor condensing unit and
thru-the-wall fan contained and remote controlled indoor unit.

  • The energy efficiency for mini splits are very good.
  • Many units are also heat pumps, offering *heating as well as cooling.
  • Similar to HVAC zoned system, ductless units can independently control the temperature of different parts of your home with up to four indoor units, *depending on needed sizing from one outdoor condensing unit.
  • Mini splits have no ducts and therefore avoid energy losses associated with duct work.  
  • Mini split indoor units can be hung on the wall or ceiling, with the wall being the most common.
  • You don’t have to put in the window or remove the window air unit each spring and fall, let alone having an easy access for someone, leaving you with a security risk.
  • Rooms that are not regularly occupied. You can turn off the mini-split system and close the door to save money.

The Disadvantages:

  • Ductless units cost about 30 percent more than central air conditioners of similar cooling capacities and about three times as much with window units of similar capacities.
  • Unless you have a small home, ductless units would be costly up front to cool an entire house.
  • The indoor unit, mounted on the wall or ceiling air handlers for ductless units are always on display.
  • If you rent the property, mini splits are more a permanent install and not so readily removed / reinstalled.

Lets recap, what’s the reasons for me to install mini split units in my home?

First and foremost your home should be well-insulated building envelope and low or no air leakage is best concerning energy efficient.  The mini splits are just that; energy efficient and quiet indoor units offering you room temperature control, security and low maintenance and easy cleaned equipment that will give you years of service.  If you feel mini split equipment is for you give us a call 724-226-3467 or e mail us for a free in home consultation.