Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring has arrived!

March 20th, the first day of spring. We begin to feel the renewal being created around us with warmer weather and longer days. You and your family have been stuck inside most of the winter so now it’s time for going out doors to release some pent up energy while you open the windows, turn on some music and do some spring cleaning and gardening.

Did you know that most people spend more than 87% of their time indoors and that indoor air is often 10 times and sometimes even up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air?

You can take control of your indoor air quality (IAQ) now by reducing pollutants that can contribute to headache, fatigue, lung irritation and foul odors.
HEPA air filters can remove up to 99.97% of the impurities in the air. By placing quality air filters within a home's ventilation system, you can block a number of irritating and harmful airborne particulates, including pollen, animal dander, mold spores, viruses and bacteria and so much more, depending on the product's Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV). For optimal performance, it's best to choose filters with a MERV Rating between 8 and 13. That said, the higher the overall rating, the better the filter's ability to block more - and smaller types - of contaminants. We sell and stock Aprilaire Products filter media replacement that extend the life of your AC and heating system.

Help your home fight mold, germs, volatile organic compounds, odors and reduce airborne particles by choosing one of RGF’s Air Purification Systems that best fits your needs. RGF’s award winning line of induct and stand-alone air purifiers featuring REME® and PHI-cell® technology produce hydro-peroxides (H2O2), which are proven safe and effective at cleansing the air in your home.  Improve your indoor air quality and extend the life of your AC and heating system also.  We sell, service and install RGF’s Air Purification Systems
Spring is a time to clean your surroundings and gardening, but it's also a time to think about saving the planet. If one out of ten households invested in an Energy STAR-rated heating and cooling system, it would eliminate 13 billion pounds of annual greenhouse gas emissions alone. If you are interested in upgrading your heating and cooling system, Snyder Heating and Remodeling is offeringexciting spring specials on a new home comfort system and you’ll receive free of charge an Aprilaire model 2410 with a MERV 13 air filter with your upgrade!
We want to save our surroundings and the planet, but we really want to save money. Thanks to Snyder Heating and Remodeling spring is the time for that, too!  You can have savings every year with calling us for: Regular heating and air conditioning tune-ups can save up to 20% on your energy bills. Tightening your building shell and adding additionali nsulation.  Installing energy-efficient windows and doors such as ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors.
Upgrading your home’s heating and air conditioning systems does more than help the planet through better energy efficiency, it can also save you up to 50% on your energy bills. Those savings can really add up here our area. If you aren’t sure if you need a new system, you can still participate in our spring special for a Tune-Up for your air conditioning unit that can save up to 20% or more during the peak summer temperatures.
Spring is for saving – saving your air, saving the planet, and saving you money. Give the Heating and Remodeling Experts at SNYDERS a call today at 724-226-3467 or e-mail and start saving!

Snyder Heating and Remodeling “since 1982”

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Seamless Gutters

Older, multi joint, leaking, clogged, sagging and warping gutter can cause several home problems.  Moisture damage and unsightliness, stained walls and wet basements are the seen problems, the unseen problems are the wood rot, mildew, mold, foundation and basement damage as well as standing water that can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects all relating to failing gutter system.  Our custom-fit seamless guttering for your house comes in standard white, musket brown and clay colors as well as several other custom colors available to chose from.

Why are seamless gutters a better choice and a practical solution?

Seamless gutters are long custom sections of gutter that are made on site to your homes specifications. They’re created to match your home with specialized equipment. These quality, custom products are less likely to warp, sag as they age and resist rust.
• Seamless gutters are formed from one continuous roll of aluminum

• Material is custom made on site for your homes perfect fit

• They have the minimum of outside or inside corner joints, fasteners or other areas to leak or collect debris

• Aluminum material holds up for decades and resists rust

• White, Musket Brown and Clay are our standard colors with several other custom colors available to match your homes personalities

• Standard 2” x 3” aluminum downspouts in matching color

 • Also, an option for leaf and debris guard that keeps your gutters clog free from time of installation

Let us show you in your home or our office samples of our gutters and colors that will make your homes water distribution functional, safe and the curb appeal that will last for decades.
You can rest and know Snyder Heating and Remodeling will install your gutters correctly.

Thank You, Snyder Heating and Remodeling “since 1982”

Friday, March 18, 2016

You Can Help Improve A/C Efficiency This Summer
With more high-efficiency air conditioners coming to the market, you might think that an upgrade is the only way to improve your existing A/C efficiency.  We have several ways you can help your existing A/C operate at its peak efficiency. These tips can help you save money on electric bills without sacrificing comfort. Though, a more efficient A/C can use these tips as well and continue to see more savings on electric bills with comfort!

Don’t forget air filter maintenance plays an important rule during the A/C season concerning the efficiency of operation and comfort. When your system runs with a dirty filter, its efficiency drops quickly. The amount of air flowing through the blower drops and the air going to each register slows, forcing the cooling system to run longer to cool your home.  A dirty air filter can cause the evaporator coil in the blower to freeze over, since the refrigerant stays cold longer and the humidity in your home can condense and freeze. Causing it not to cool as not enough air is moving across thru the coil. Running a cooling system with a frozen coil can permanently damage the compressor, forcing equipment failure and an expensive repair.

Look around your outdoor condensing unit, remove any vegetation near that surrounds the outdoor condenser. Anything that blocks the air flowing over the condensing coil slows the cooling process, driving up energy consumption. Use a garden hose and spray the coil area only using a light to medium spray to knock off the dust and debris.  If the coil is extremely dirty you would need to have us apply a chemical coil cleaner to get it back in top efficient operating condition.

Schedule routine maintenance with us to improve A/C efficiency. Our technician will
go through the entire system, checking its components, cleaning and adjusting as needed. Our service includes a refrigerant check to verify it’s within the tolerances the manufacturer specified. If it’s too low, we will look at finding any refrigerant leaks in system.  Low operating refrigerant levels drives up cooling costs and can damage the compressor, forcing equipment failure and an expensive repair.

Minimize the amount of humidity in your home during the summer by using kitchen and bathroom fans when cooking and showering.  Don’t let the fans run overly long, since they also remove cooled conditioned air.

Turn the temperature up when you leave your home for the day or install a programmable thermostat that you can program for your lifestyle. Another way to control your thermostat is with a Wi-Fi compatible thermostat that lets you control your thermostat from your smart phone or computer.  Each degree you turn the temperature up saves energy and remember the biggest culprit during the summer is humidity, removing humidity alone will help make your home comfortable knowing this you may want to think the higher temperature setting you feel comfortable with the better your savings.

  Schedule today to have your HVAC service, repaired or replaced with us using the proper tools, material and knowledge you expect!
Thank You; SNYDER Heating and Remodeling, Since 1982